Grumpy Old Man, secretly 102

grumpy old manSo I went out last night, Friday, into the great city of Auckland for dinner with my lovely wife. All was well until we actually got onto Queen St. There was a group of people, and I do use that term loosely, skateboarding down the middle of the road. Now Queen St for those that don’t know is like the main road through the middle of the CBD. And here were these idiots skating boarding down the hill, both sides of the road. I had two right in front of me and they just stared back as I approached as if to say ‘this is our road bugger off’. I need to point out that they were not your average teenagers. No, these products of the welfare state were mid-twenties, playing chicken with on-coming cars. Where was Darwin when we needed him!!

Recovered from that, only to have my ears abused by a car two or three back with thumping ‘music’. And yes ‘music’ is in quote marks for a reason – the racket coming from his vehicle was at best rythmical. The bass control must have been broken on his 8-track, I could actually feel my car vibrate from the cacophony of noise. What ever happened to music you could hear the words to, music that didn’t need to be played at 200 decibels. Oh that’s right, we left it in the 80’s with those other great losses to mankind such as Betamax, the DeLorean and the Cold War.


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