Kids will be kids

minecraftWas reflecting on the weekend how I used to play as a kid, compared to how my son plays (he is 9, coming up 10). See he was on his laptop, playing Minecraft with his friends and on a three way Skype audio call so they could chat. I know some people would say ‘why isn’t he playing face to face with them outside’. I personally have no issue with this type of play.
Firstly at least I know where he is! Secondly, Minecraft is kinda like online Lego; it teaches the same things that Lego does but in an online interactive space. For my sons generation this is how they will learn and work, so might as well learn the tricks of the trade early. Thirdly, and most importantly, he is engaging with his school friends! Who cares if it isn’t face to face….
He used to play Minecraft by himself in his own worlds but through play at school has discovered his friends also play it. Now they hang out online on the weekends and play at school during the week.

So my question is this – is it so bad to have friends and play in an environment that is second nature to kids these days, and one in which the lines between business and leisure are blurring?

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