It has finally arrived (well kinda), ILT2014 preconference day!

The DoorsThe Spectronics ILT conference has finally kicked off on the Gold Coast. This is the result of nearly two years hard work by the team building up to this week. Today is the pre-conference day, the first chance for many to see behind the doors, get hands-on with some technology and meet up with old friends and hopefully make a few new ones along the way.
Being the shy and introverted individual I am, i was first through the doors to registration, the 6’6″ security guard wasn’t keen on letting me in anything before the allotted 730am start.

It didn’t take too long to start feeling that wonderful vibe that ILT conferences are world-famous for. As more and more people streamed into registration a real buzz started. A few new things this year, the Specco’s lounge is a nice touch, resplendent with its bean bags and the photo booth. Spectronics Bean bagsThe usual faces were about from Spectronics and it was really good to catch up with them again, albeit briefly. So into the morning pre-conference sessions. There was a little bit of everything in the morning, with a couple of different iPad sessions, a Crick app workshop, intro to Proloquo2Go 4, Texthelp Read & Write Gold and a session outlining the 5 steps to successful AAC implementation in the classroom. From what I have heard all the sessions were at the usual high standard.

The afternoon sessions saw some of the morning presentations continue. I sat in on the Therapy Box one run by Maria Zuckschwert titled ‘Idea to App’ which gave a bit of an overview on the process needed to take an idea for an app and turn it into a functioning bit of software. Whilst I didn’t learn too much new, it was fun being in a group plotting the next big app to take the world by storm! Key takeaway for me from this session, and it wasn’t that much of a revelation remembering I work in IT, is that whilst any app developer can build an app, you really need to get one that has a grasp on AAC and AT so that they can get end-to-end visibility of the project. Things like symbol sets are second nature to speechies, but to a developer it means nothing.

Wednesday is the ‘official’ start of the conference, the atmosphere it going to hit the stratosphere at around 902am I think! Going to be a very full day.

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