Trying to find a visual needle in a haystack

I never realised just how hard it is to find non-app solutions for Visual Supports! It could be that I am looking in the wrong haystack of course, but regardless locating a Windows-based software package to support a number of people in a group-home settings seems to be impossible. So here is what we are trying to find:

  • A website/program that will run on Windows and be shown on a touch-screen mounted to the wall;
  • Able to have photo of the individual next to their daily tasks;
  • Grid layout so all residents and their tasks are on-screen at the same time;
  • The ability to touch on a task and get a description for it. Touching the bowling pins for instance may say ‘We are going to the bowling alley’;
  • The ability to drag and drop into a ‘Completed’ folder and have the solution announce something like ‘Great Job! What is happening next?’;
  • Having the completed items form the basis of a daily diary that can be updated and shared

Anyone seen or heard of something like this? Get in touch if you have, be keen to hear about it!

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