Diary of a SAHD Week 1

The first week of my new full-time job of Stay-At-Home-Dad (SAHD) has now completed. It started with a poonami, finished with a poonami and was filled with songs and laughter. Admittedly it wasn’t strictly speaking a full week, as the wife (and now chief breadwinner) eased into her new job with a 3 hour meeting on Monday followed by a Powhiri Tuesday morning that Rory & I attended until 11am. Despite that, I am claiming the week as a real week and a win.

We had a great swimming lesson on Monday, with Rory going under the water for the first time. Well first time on purpose with the instructor… I may have dunked him a few times in error leading up to it. The main thing to remember is he is still alive and well. Skipped coffee group because of the aforementioned Powhiri and managed a walk to the library in the afternoon to get the little fella his own card. Yes you read right. I have been adopted by the ladies in our group and have been bestowed the honorary title of Coffee Group Groupie (okay I may have made that title up!).

Wednesday was SPACE, and it really feels like we are floating in nothingness when we are there. Talk about BORING! I can see how it would be useful if you had a dysfunctional or non-existent coffee group and craved adult conversation and sharing of ideas, but I do not have any of those things. Concerned that the last session of the term is on April 1st and they will announce that they are like Hotel California and I am doomed to spend the rest of eternity there.

The rest of the week came & went, eldest boy home sick from school on Thursday which limited our outings and Friday saw us walking to the supermarket and shops for an hour. I am still bemused by all the mothers out with babies and toddlers that give me the strangest looks, as if to question why I am not at work and what business do I have with a baby. It is a concerning trend; even at the Parent Centre sessions they seem to forget I am there and refer to the group as ‘ladies’ or ‘mothers’.

Onwards and upwards though, just placed our first online grocery order with Countdown for delivery tomorrow afternoon. Will see how it goes, did force me to sit down yesterday with the cookbooks and plan a weeks worth of meals, not always a bad thing!

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