Diary of a SAHD – Easter Edition

Dear Diary

BIG news! We have 2 front teeth! We saw one of them threatening to break through earlier in the week but on Good Friday morning both of the bottom front ones erupted. Marks a 2015-04-03 09.00.19rather large milestone for the little fella and we will have to pull finger and get on with brushing his teeth daily. We shouldn’t be too surprised that they arrived though, he has been drooling up a storm for the last few weeks.

One of the unexpected outcomes of teething it seems is a special category of poop. Not that the ‘experts’ reckon it causes this new type of stool hell, but if you ask the parent-on-the-ground they will tell you to expect multiple dirty nappies daily. Great. And just in time for testing out solids.

We gave Rory one of his spoons on Sunday and he seemed to grasp what to do with it (shove it in the mouth) although seemed confused there was nothing on it, unlike Daddy’s fork that looked like it had something tasty on it. Thinking we might try him out on a bit of pumpkin after next weekend and see what happens.

SPOILER! It will get messy!!

Easter RoryThe other important thing we achieved this weekend was purchasing a new Entertainment Book and by doing so we supported the Central Auckland Parents Centre where we attended antenatal classes (and a couple of other classes postnatal). We have supported other charities with our purchases over the years but this year it seemed appropriate to support those that have supported us 🙂 Going with the digital version for the first time, lot more convenient as we don’t need to remember the book when we go out! Highly recommend getting yourself a book, we always get a lot of value from it – order it from here to also support CAPC.

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