Diary of a SAHD – Public Service Announcement

Civil Defence NZNew Zealand had Daylight Savings kick in this morning. The usual PSAs were out about testing your smoke alarms and change the batteries. One thing that never seems to get mentioned on a regular basis is to check your Civil Defence evacuation box. We looked in ours today, good job too! Had a leaking water bottle and only a few tins of food, unlabelled with dates.

What stood out though was we hadn’t updated it since Rory came along – actually not since we got our puppy Hazel. What does that mean? Well certainly not enough water, no food for the baby or the puppy. We will be rectifying that in the next few days with cans of dog food, some commercial baby food and increasing the water supplies. Civil Defence have a great checklist over on the getthru.govt.nz website. We fortunately have a (mostly) stocked getaway bag for Rory as I use a backpack as a nappy bag so know it has a change of clothes, wipes and nappies in it.

Have you checked and updated your evac box since changes in your home?


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