Diary of a SAHD – Week 2

Dear Diary

Talk about exposing babies and infants to non-PC and violent songs! As a kid I really enjoyed the classic Mother Goose-esque nursery rhymes. Now I am revisiting them with Rory I am realising just how dated they are. Imagine writing a song today about throwing someone down the stairs because they refuse to pray. Or running about mutilating the vision impaired with a large knife. There is as much chance of that happening as the Aussie cricketers not sledging. And before you all get up in my face about joining the PC brigade, relax. I am still going to sing, dance and generally be a dick with him as we rock out to the tunes! So much so that I am glad there are no cameras in my kitchen to record me busting out some moves to Baa Baa Black Sheep, The Wheels on the Bus and Five Little Monkeys while we get dinner ready.

Happy RoryThis has been our first ‘normal’ week at home together since Ainsley has gone back to work full-time. Last weekend I became extremely conscious of getting the weekend balance right; all too aware that Mummy-Rory time is needed but also aware that Ains has worked a full week and needs some down-time as well. I think we got it kinda right last week, and now with a four day weekend looming we can try & get some structure in place. And get a sleep-in! This 6am alarm business is SO not fun! Even less fun when Rory decides 0530 is a good time to talk to himself at elevated volume. I guess on the upside daylight savings kicks in Sunday… I fear though that it will be a double-edged sword as Rory can’t tell time yet.

Monday was swimming was filled with giggles, then taking delivery of the Countdown order placed on Sunday evening at 2pm Monday, less than 24 hours after placing the order. Really impressed with the speed, efficiency and quality of the produce delivered too. Definitely going to give it another crack after Easter. Went to watch Lachlan (big brother and Mr 11) star in his end-of-term drama production on Tuesday. Rory watched the show quietly but with big smiles on his face when he saw and heard his big bro perform. So cute!

The final SPACE session of the term dragged again on Wednesday. Think I really upset the course co-ordinator when I suggested at 12:45 that maybe we could make a start as 12:30 is when we are meant to kick off. Maybe that is why when we sang ‘Where is <insert baby name here>’ we then finished with ‘Where is Mummy’ and a glare when I sang ‘Where is Daddy’ instead. And we did not get to do the plaster casting that we were promised. Conveniently they just sent out a satisfaction and feedback survey…. muahahaha!

The exciting news for the week…. Rory has started rolling front to back then over to his front again! Up until this week he had mastered front to back and then got stuck going back over. More than made up for the sad news of the week – the TV died 🙁 have you ANY idea how hard it is to go from 42″ to 32″?! Contrary to popular belief, size DOES matter people!!

I mentioned last week about the odd looks I have been getting since starting this gig, looks like it isn’t just me that has been experiencing it. This NZ Herald photographer has taken six months off and had similar experiences. Some interesting perspectives in this article too (and read the comments section). Nice to know I am one of the 36,000 SAHDs in New Zealand though… the ‘other’ 2%!

Happy Easter everyone.

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