Diary of a SAHD – Week 3

baby_meme_suckerBabies are really mini evil masterminds I have decided. Just as you think you got them into a routine BAM! they go and change it up on you. Rory has decided that this is the week to start sleeping through the night, which is FANTASTIC but then waking at 0530 and talking to himself at elevated volumes, not so great. All things considered though we are so lucky to have a totally chilled baby that just rolls with his parents craziness.

This week we attended our first coffee group without Ainsley. Attended and hosted it has to be said. I admit to having a few nerves about it, having never actually sat in on one for more than 10 minutes. Got to say though, it was very relaxed and no discussions that may have caused blushes! Part of me was expecting to hear ‘women’s issues’ thrown about (not that there is anything wrong with that) but no it was all about the babies and general life.

School holidays started of course, and Lachlan is hanging out with us for both weeks. Has been great for both boys I think, they have hung out quite a bit and bonded quite well. We packed Lachlan off to Tauranga on Thursday to stay with his Nana for a few days, was his first Unaccompanied Minor flight and happily is ready to do it again in the next school holidays. The Air New Zealand crew really were great, I know they do this daily but they were all just so nice! We have just returned from an overnight trip down there to pick Lachlan up and give Rory some Nana time too. First road-trip and he handled it really well. This week we have his Nona in town so he gets to spend some time with her this week too which will be lovely.

Rory and I (well mostly me and Ains) started into the arty crafty stuff this week. Found some really neat finger puppet templates online that we printed out. Rory LOVES George the Giraffe and all the farm animals that make an appearance on Old McDonalds Farm. I have started up my Pinterest page again to save all these ideas, you can check them out on my Baby Arts and Crafts board. One thing that I have found really useful is gluing the paper printouts onto a bit of cardboard (an old cereal box is perfect for this) as it gives the puppet a little more strength and will hopefully last longer. Bit of a step-by-step below for making George, I got that template from www.kidspot.com.au

Making George the Giraffe

Making George the Giraffe

I have missed going to swimming this week (public holiday Monday) but we made it down to the library on Friday and watched a little of the Wriggle & Rhyme session. Looked like a lot of older kids (relative term, they were around 1-2 years of age) but that may just be because of the holidays. Rory and I will definitely go hang out there starting week after next on a Friday morning and make it part of our weekly routine.


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