Diary of a SAHD – Week 4 Ch-ch-ch-changes

It is often said that having a baby changes everything. And it is true. A baby does change things. Generally for the better but occasionally for the worse. And as much as they change your life, their own little lives are in a constant state of change. We were reflecting on Monday at swimming just how much all the babies have grown, changed and taken to the water. What I found really interesting is seeing how the mums have changed as well. It wasn’t THAT long ago 12 couples all sat in a room on a Wednesday night not knowing the other couples, all buzzing with nervous excitement at the impending birth of their baby.

On Monday what I saw in the pool were confident mothers, (and a couple of confident dads on the sidelines to be fair). The nerves well and truly shaken off over the last 5-odd months. And of course babies developing and being nurtured by loving parents.

Rory has certainly changed over the last four and a half months, and this week was no exception. His two new front teeth are growing by the day, and Saturday he indicated a new top tooth is impending. We have also gone over a week with him sleeping through the night, albeit with a nappy change and dream feed at 10ish each night. His awake time has also extended to a comfortable 3 hours on average which gives us plenty of time to be goofy!

We had a strange week, school holidays still on so we had his big brother Lachlan staying with us. Fair to say adding in an 11 year old to daily routines made for a stressed dad! Don’t get me wrong, I love both my boys but it was tough going balancing their unique needs! Kinda looking forward to getting back into a ‘normal’ routine with just Rory to look after this week. It was pretty special seeing Rory looking at his big brother as though he is the coolest person ever and I think Lachlan has started to appreciate how awesome and funny Rory is.

Things have changed for him too and to his credit he has taken to the big brother role really well. Just quietly I think he was quite proud seeing Rory at swimming on Monday. This week we attempted solids. Bananas were yuck and pumpkin not much better… Will try again in a week. He was much more interested in the risotto and pizza we had during the week and I suspect he felt just a little ripped off that all we were offering him was mush! Had the mother-in-law in town this week too, was nice for Rory to have all day Saturday with her, there was definite recognition when she arrived and a huge beaming smile for her. This week, who knows what mischief we are going to get into!

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