Week 5 and A Day in the Life of a SAHD

Week 5 and schools are back… YIPPEE!! Have to say only having to worry about what Rory and I are getting up to is SO much easier than factoring in an 11 year old too. We had another fun filled week, starting with swimming and supermarket delivery on Monday, closely followed by Coffee Group and hanging out with that amazing group of peeps on Wednesday, lunch with Ainsley on Thursday and Plunket Friday morning. In between all that my gorgeous mother-in-law has been up from Timaru to visit so we had a bit of time with her on Tuesday afternoon. Always nice for Rory to see his Nonna. And Thursday we wandered to the Mt Roskill shops and took in the opening of the refurbished War Memorial at the park. Hats of to the council, they really have done a great job of transforming the monument and space. We were back there on Saturday morning for the ANZAC Day parade and service, something I am keen to repeat with Rory so he can learn and remember the sacrifices made so he can live in a country that is free and democratic. I was explaining it to him on Thursday but I suspect he wasn’t understanding….

Mummy toothbrush, Daddy toothbrush, Baby toothbrushThe Plunket visit was good, nice to see how much our little man has grown; now 7.9kgs and 64.5cm long. Officially bigger than the dog now 🙂 And we came away with a bunch of free stuff! Like a little toothbrush and Spiderman toothpaste. Now Rory has teeth we have to start brushing them twice a day. Easier said than done when the teeth are tiny and he doesn’t like the toothbrush in his mouth! Also gave us a bathmat.. odd choice I thought, but I guess when he is bigger and sitting up in the big bath it will stop him slipping and sliding around. Maybe.

A few people have asked recently how I cope with the boredom of being a stay-at-home-dad. My mother is convinced that my mind will dissolve through lack of stimulation. They all seem confused when I point out it is a full days work that I do, not much sitting around getting my nails done that’s for sure! So I thought I would drop down a typical day in my life, Monday to Friday anyway. And always subject to change depending on the mood of Rory and me. So here it is, A Day in the Life of a SAHD:

0550 The alarm goes off
0552 The second alarm rings out, just in case I forgot it was time to get up
0600 Out the door to take the dog for a walk whilst Ainsley showers and feeds Rory
0640 Home after exploring every blade of grass in the neighbourhood
0645 3 ‘S’s of the morning routine, or 2 if it is an odd-numbered day and therefore no shave
0700 Wave bye-bye to the breadwinner and get my own breakfast. First of many renditions of ‘Wheels on the Bus’ and other classics until nap time. And coffee
0730 Get the morning laundry on to wash, probably the first of two
0845 – 0930 Nap time. Only for Rory unfortunately. And time for me to hang out the washing in between 5 minute settles to sleep. And time to empty the dishwasher or some other banal chore…. like studying. And coffee
0930 – 1245 Out and about for our main event of the day. Monday is Swimming, Tuesday is Coffee Group, Friday is Wriggle & Rhyme. Wednesday and Thursday are currently random-fun-of-the-day times
 1245 – 1330  Afternoon nap time. For Rory, not me. I get to watch a bit of TV in this slot…. oh and have a coffee
1330 – 1545 Generally home based fun. Mat time, reading, music, arts & crafts.. and coffee….
1545 – 1630 Pre-dinner nap. Time for me to do any prep for dinner. Gather in the laundry and neatly fold and put it away. And have coffee
1630 Mummy’s home!! Time to crack open a bottle of something.
1630 – 1845 Fun and games with Ainsley. Bath every other day (Rory that is….) and dinner for Rory. For me it is cook dinner. And alcohol
1845 – 2145 Time to blob, eat dinner, drink!
2145 Change Rorys nappy, give him a dream feed to keep him going through the night…..
2230 Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………







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