Diary of a SAHD – Public Service Announcement

Civil Defence NZNew Zealand had Daylight Savings kick in this morning. The usual PSAs were out about testing your smoke alarms and change the batteries. One thing that never seems to get mentioned on a regular basis is to check your Civil Defence evacuation box. We looked in ours today, good job too! Had a leaking water bottle and only a few tins of food, unlabelled with dates. Continue reading

Diary of a SAHD – Week 2

Dear Diary

Talk about exposing babies and infants to non-PC and violent songs! As a kid I really enjoyed the classic Mother Goose-esque nursery rhymes. Now I am revisiting them with Rory I am realising just how dated they are. Imagine writing a song today about throwing someone down the stairs because they refuse to pray. Or running about mutilating the vision impaired with a large knife. There is as much chance of that happening as the Aussie cricketers not sledging. Continue reading

Diary of a SAHD Week 1

The first week of my new full-time job of Stay-At-Home-Dad (SAHD) has now completed. It started with a poonami, finished with a poonami and was filled with songs and laughter. Admittedly it wasn’t strictly speaking a full week, as the wife (and now chief breadwinner) eased into her new job with a 3 hour meeting on Monday followed by a Powhiri Tuesday morning that Rory & I attended until 11am. Despite that, I am claiming the week as a real week and a win. Continue reading