Grumpy Old Man, secretly 102

grumpy old manSo I went out last night, Friday, into the great city of Auckland for dinner with my lovely wife. All was well until we actually got onto Queen St. There was a group of people, and I do use that term loosely, skateboarding down the middle of the road. Now Queen St for those that don’t know is like the main road through the middle of the CBD. Continue reading

Kids will be kids

minecraftWas reflecting on the weekend how I used to play as a kid, compared to how my son plays (he is 9, coming up 10). See he was on his laptop, playing Minecraft with his friends and on a three way Skype audio call so they could chat. I know some people would say ‘why isn’t he playing face to face with them outside’. I personally have no issue with this type of play. Continue reading