It has finally arrived (well kinda), ILT2014 preconference day!

The DoorsThe Spectronics ILT conference has finally kicked off on the Gold Coast. This is the result of nearly two years hard work by the team building up to this week. Today is the pre-conference day, the first chance for many to see behind the doors, get hands-on with some technology and meet up with old friends and hopefully make a few new ones along the way. Continue reading

It’s the final countdown to ILT2014!

Yes it is almost time again to attend the wonderful bi-annual Spectronics Inclusive Learning Technologies¬† conference in Australia. Starting Tuesday with the pre-conference workshops and running until Friday afternoon the conference promises to exceed the last one I attended in 2012. And just like the first conference I will be posting daily reviews of the day that was with my own ‘unique’ take on things, and hopefully avoid any law suits! Continue reading